Our shipping costs amount to the following:

 Germany: € 3,00

 Other EU Countries: € 4,00

 Other Countries (Non-EU Countries): € 4,00

 Delivery to Non-EU countries can incure additional custom duties and fees. 


Delivery may take some time, we´re not Amazon.

Delivery takes place within the delivery deadline given on the relevant page in regards to the address to which the product is to be delivered. 

Our products are delivered by DHL.

Regarding prepayment the deadline given for delivery begins the day the full price is paid (including VAT and shipping costs), when paying via PayPal it begins as soon as reciept of payment has taken place, with credit card payments the deadine begins with the confirmation of order.

You will receive your order, as far a possible, in one shipment. Should it be necessary, due to technical or logistical reasons, to send your order in more than one shipment, no extra cost will accrue.